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The Hollywood Trainer Workout Plan

By: Jeanette Jenkins, President of The Hollywood Trainer

Every bride dreams of having a beautiful body for their walk down the aisle.  To help you achieve the ultimate bridal body, just follow prescribed workout.  Everyday you will see and feel results! Stay committed and consistent and you will create that beautifully sculpted body that radiates a healthy glow for your walk down the aisle.  For best results start the program 4-6months before your wedding. If you are running short on time you will still see results if you follow the program in the last 1-2 months as well!


Fashion Q&A

By Fatimah Simmons


Q: I am overjoyed to have found, not only the perfect man, but also the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding! As wedding-gown fitting approaches, I wonder how my dress will look once it’s hemmed. Will you even see my fabulous shoes?


Green Weddings

By Keisha Jennette


One of the latest trends in weddings sweeping the country is “green weddings.” No, I’m not talking green taffeta bridesmaid dresses (although green is making a comeback); I’m talking about ecologically and socially sophisticated weddings. Whether you are an extreme environmentalist or simply wish to support, here’s how you can contribute to the cause.


Grooming 101: Dressing the Part

By Keisha Jennette


Although the wedding day is all about the bride and her dress, you too, have to look dashing. You want to make sure that you are looking your best on your special day. Before you take a trip to your local formalwear store, sit down with your bride-to-be and find out what style will best suit your wedding. There are no strict rules to wedding attire, however your wedding’s formality should be taken into consideration when selecting your suit. For instance, an evening ceremony calls for a tuxedo, while a suit may be more appropriate for an afternoon affair.



Sleeping Beauty



The perfect clutch…definitely, but bags…not so much. The last thing a bride wants to carry with her on her big day are puffy eyes and dark circles. Getting proper rest is essential to looking your wedding-day best.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, more than 70 million Americans report they have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep every night. Have we become a nation of the eternally drowsy?


Fairytale VS Reality: 5 Biggest Marriage Myths

By Serena Wadhwa Psy.D., LCPC, CADC


FAIRYTALE: Some couples just seem to have the perfect marriage, so I often compare my relationship to theirs and end up feeling like it doesn’t measure up. Why don’t I have that “perfect marriage?”



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